The Super Senator

The Super Senator unit provides California-ADA compliance in a manageably-sized unit. Boasting a 77 x 77 floor space, the unit meets the more stringent Maryland requirements for handicap accessbility. Other features include heavy-duty aluminum handrails, like those found in many plumbed restrooms, as well as a compliant 40-gallon tank. 

Exterior View of The Senator

Interior View of The Senator

Specification Interior Exterior
Height 87″ (2.21m) 89″ (2.26m)
Base 74″ x 74″ (1.96m x 1.96m) 77″ x 77″ (1.88m x 1.88m)
Door Opening N/A 35.5″ w x 80″ h (.9m x 2.03m)
Roof N/A 74″ x 61″ (1.88m x 1.5m)
Weight N/A 325 lbs
Tank Capacity N/A 40 gal
Material N/A High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

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The Senator

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