Portable Handwashing Stations

The Portable handwashing stations at Portable Restroom Solutions offer our customers rugged versatility at an affordable price. What is great about our portable handwashing stations is that we provide our customers with options. First our new high-capacity standard unit: The SuperTwin Ultra!

The SuperTwin Ultra – Portable Handwashing Stations

The newest addition to our fleet, The SuperTwin Ultra is a double hand washing station that provides the capacity of most standard units. This unit comes with two stations molded in, maintenance-free spigots, two high capacity spray soap dispensers, and four lockable towel dispensers. It the unit of choice for high-traffic use. 


The SuperTwin – A portable handwashing stations

The MVP of our portable handwashing stations, The SuperTwin is durable, offers easy maintenance, and provides you with money-saving features. This handwashing stations comes equipped with two molded-in maintenance-free spigots, two patented high-capacity spray soap dispensers, and a lockable towel dispenser. The SuperTwin is the perfect handwashing station for large construction sites, festivals, or any event outside! 


The Tag Along – Portable Handwashing Stations

When customers ask us for a versatile portable handwashing station we point them in the direction of The Tag Alon. Why? Because it is the perfect station for small to medium-sized events or construction sites. It is rugged just like The SuperTiwn, yet it is lightweight making it easy to transport. The Tag Along was even built to fit inside most standard portable restroom units for quick delivery!  

The Tah Along comes equipped with dual spigots, high-capacity spray soap dispensers, and all the other necessary items required in a portable handwashing station. Large cutouts are located at the bottom of the station for the foot pump which makes it easily accessible, perfect for construction sites! 

The Super Mate – Portable Handwashing Stations

When handicapped hand washing is a must, the Super Mate is the answer! Attached to the Portable Restroom, the Super Mate is the ideal solution to ADA-compliant hand washing needs. The unit typically mounts to the SuperTwin unit, but can be mounted to any surgace to which fresh (non-pressurized) and gray water lines can be run. The unit comes complete with a hand-operated water pump and soap dispenser.

The Pro 12 – Portable Handwashing Stations

Possibly the most flexible of the in-unit hand washing stations on the market, the Pro-12 provides ample reservoir space, as well as the ability to place it in any standard unit without removing the urinal. This flexibility means almost any of our standard units may be outfitted with a handwash station for a particular event or customer, and then have the sink removed when that job is complete, without making major modifications to the restroom unit.

The Pro 22 – Portable Handwashing Stations


For instances when in0unit hand washing options are preferred, look no further than the Pro-22. This rugged internal mount unit requires the removal of the unit urinal, but gives the user 22 gallons of fresh water capacity. A molded-in spigot makes for a vandal-discouraging design, and provides ample water flor for full forearm washing capability. A flexible hose pipes the gray water into the portable restroom’s holding tank. In situations requiring a fresh water flushing portable toilet, the Pro-22 serves as the unit of choice for both hand washing, and as the frest water reservoir for the flushing tank.


The Pro-22 may be installed alone, or with the optional Promount board, an efficient mounting system including a locking towel dispenser, stainless steel mirror, and a patented high-capacity spray soap dispenser.